What is FoodForGo?

FoodForGo is a convenient online food ordering website that connects users with many of local restaurants. Customers can browse through numerous menus and place orders for delivery or take-away at the best price.
At FoodForGo, we believe ordering food online should be fuss-free, fast and definitely fun. With just a few clicks you can order from a wide variety of delicious cuisines online.
FoodForGo provides you with restaurant menus, customers’ reviews and more for restaurants spread over 4 cities. 

How do I use FoodForGo?

Enter your location. We’ll show you a list of restaurants that you can then filter according to your requirements.

Choose a restaurant, pick what you want to eat, enter in any special requirements you might have and ‘proceed to checkout’. We’ll handle the rest.

If you’re ordering for the first time, we’ll call and check. If you’re a regular, we’ll send you a confirmation email for your order with the receipt.

Where is my order?

After assigning an order from customer, we directly transfer it to the restaurant which will starts preparing your food.
Our restaurants do everything they can to get your food delivered as quickly as they can. However, sometimes they can get crazy busy or stuck in heavy traffic, and this unfortunately might cause delays.
If it’s been too long, you can contact us and we will find out what’s going on immediately.

I want to order from a restaurant that is not listed with you, will you order?

Yes we will. Let us know what restaurant you want, and we’ll add that to the website as well, for future orders.

I have a voucher code. How can I use it?

If you have a voucher code, you can redeem it after selecting a restaurant and adding products to the basket. You will see a field to enter your voucher code on the page that shows an overview of your order.
If a voucher is valid, the discount on your order will be calculated immediately. Only one voucher can be used per order. If your voucher code does not work, feel free to contact us and we will sort this out.

 Are there any discounts available at FoodForGo right now?

FoorForGo offers many different discounts at restaurants. If you want to view them all, have a look at Restaurants with Discounts.

 How to order online at FoodForGo?

It is really easy, as easy as A, B, C:

1.         Tell us wherever you are: Enter your location so we can show you which restaurants can deliver to you.
2.         Pick food you fancy: Choose a restaurant and dishes you would like to order. You can search by restaurant name,cuisine type, dish name or any keyword.

3.         Checkout: Enter your exact delivery address, payment method and your phone number. Always make sure you have entered a correct phone number in case we need to contact you about your order.

Now sit back, relax and we’ll get your food delivered to your doorsteps.

I need to cancel or change my order! How can I do this?

Just reach us at Live Chat not more than 5 minutes of placing your order, that way, we can let the restaurant know before they start making your order. After it has been accepted by the restaurant, we are unable to cancel your order as the restaurant would have started preparing the order.

With regards to any refund of a payment you have made online, please contact FoodForGo and not the restaurant.

How long does it take for my order to get delivered?

Delivery time varies from restaurant to restaurant. It also depends on the number of orders that the restaurant has to prepare and on the distance between the restaurant and your delivery address.

On the website you can see estimated delivery time of each restaurant in your location. After placing an order, more precise delivery time will be communicated to you via Email.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs just like delivery time, are determined by each individual restaurant. Usually the ones closer to you will charge a small delivery fee. If a delivery rider has to drive a long way to bring you the food, they can charge a little extra for the service. There are also many restaurants with a free delivery. You can easily check the delivery costs of each restaurant while browsing our website. 

How can I pay for my order?

All our restaurants accept cash on delivery.

Select ‘Cash on Delivery’ on the checkout page and pay the driver at your doorstep when receiving food.Why is ordering online better than ordering by phone?

Online ordering at FoodForGo provides several advantages over telephone based ordering.
1. Discover: We offer a wide choice of restaurants and their menu online so you don’t have to collect menu of each individual restaurant or stick to just one of them. Every day you can discover new restaurants and new tastes.
2. Take your time: You have as much time as you need to decide what to eat today instead of listening to someone speak out the entire menu to you and making a decision on the spot.
3. Know what you get: We help you make the right choice by providing customer reviews and ratings.
4. Pay as you like: If you order at FoodForGo, you will pay by cash on delivery.
5. You can view details of all your past orders and easily re-order.

Can I place an order worth Rs.5000 or above?

Yes, you can. But all orders made for Rs.5000 or above will require advance payment. After you place an order, a delivery rider will promptly be sent to you for collection of cash or you can pay online.

Booking:                                Book at least 3 hours before delivery time

Cancellation Charges:           20% against complete bill amount will be charged before 90 minutes 

                                              50% against complete bill amount will be charged after less than 90 minutes

Payment Structure:   Category-D    

  • (Order up to 10,000/- PKR but not less than 5,000/-)

Full payment should be paid by customer against the bill 90 minutes before delivery


  • (Order up to 20,000/- but not less than 10,000/- PKR)

70% payment should be paid by customer against the bill 90 minutes before delivery


  • (Order up to 50,000/- but not less than 20,000/- PKR)

60% payment should be paid by customer against the bill 90 minutes before delivery


  • (Order up to unlimited but not less than 50,000/- PKR)

50% payment should be paid by customer against the bill 90 minutes before deliver


How can I see all restaurants?

If you want to view all restaurants, just go to: Restaurant List. You have an option there to enter your location to check which restaurants can deliver to you. 

What are your opening hours?

FoodForGo is open for 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.

During closing hours you can browse restaurants and place order for later. 

The delivery area depends on each individual restaurant and FoodForGo has no influence on this. If you enter a specific address on the homepage, then you can browse all the restaurants that do deliver to you. 

I don’t remember my password

You have already created an account but you can't remember your password? Click on 'Login/Register' at the top of the page. Then click on 'Forgot Password?’ Fill out your email address and a password recovery link will be sent to you by email.

What are the advantages of an account at FoodForGo?

You are not obliged to create an account, but it is very handy.

  • There are definitely a few advantages of signing up:
  • Your previous delivery addresses will be saved so that you don't have to enter them all over again on your next order.
  • You can track the history of every order with their details in your account
    You can quickly re-order.
  • There are many more advantages... register with us and discover them. 

How can I create an account at FoodForGo?

Click on 'Login/Register' at the top of the page. Then fill out all the information

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