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Food Delivery in Peshawar the City of Flower

Peshawar is the capital of province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK is an ancient city located in Valley of Peshawar surrounding Kyber Pass & bordering Afghanistan. Peshawar is Capital the largest city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & 6th largest city in Pakistan.

Peshawar can be accessed via M1 Motorway & N5 National Highway. The airport is 25 KM from the city center with all the National & International carriers operating.

Peshawar City Insights

With its ancient history & vibrant culture below are few historical places to tour in Peshawar:

• Sethi Houses

• Heritage Trail

• Qissa Khwani Bazar

• Bala Hisar Fort

• Mahabat Khan Mosque

• Khyber Pass

Peshawar is famous for its Food there are too many places in Peshawar where you can quickly get all the delicious food for you. These places are renowned for toiling tasty food and having a pleasant atmosphere as well. So, for all food loving people, who love to try a different variety of food, we have highlighted some of the mouthwatering dishes to satisfy their food cravings.

• Namak Mandi karahi

• Nisar Charsi Tikka

• Dum Pukht

• Chapli Kabab by Jalil Kabab House

• kabuli Pulao

• Lamb Chops

• Mutton Ribs

With mellifluous Pashto and ornate mosques with courtly manners and fine Pashtuns cuisine. In fact, Peshawar has so much to offer in the area of food alone, that even if one were to ignore its other attractions, it would still be worth a visit.
If you have a passion for kebabs, Peshawar will raise it to a fever pitch. You can choose from Chapli Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Seekh Kebabs. There's also the 70 -year-old Nisar Charsi Tikka.

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